Thermal Image of Heat Leak thru Windows

About Infrared Imaging

After completing an initial Blower Door Test for your home, it is highly recommended that you schedule an Infrared Imaging test.

Using specialty cameras and equipment, we are able to pinpoint spikes in temperature (either increase or decrease) that are invisible to the eye. This service is the most efficient way to locate all of the gaps and cracks within your homes build making it much easier to patch which will in turn save you money on your energy bills!

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Common uses for thermal imaging

  • Moisture detection, including hidden plumbing leaks, roof leaks, wet insulation and other moisture entry places like foundation, basement or crawl space.

  • Energy loss stemming from poor or missing insulation, damaged radiant heating systems, flue leaks, broken window seals and weak thermal barrier points like doors, windows, attics and more.

  • Electrical hot spots like circuit breakers (included old or overloaded breaker boxes), electrical faults and overheated electrical components and equipment.

  • Pest identification, especially termites and other wood-destroying organisms and mice.

  • Reinspection of completed repairs to confirm the work of a contractor, technician or homeowner.

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