About Blower Door Testing

With the extreme temperature fluctuations along the Western Slope, ensuring that your home is as energy efficient as possible is paramount! That’s where we come in.

Introducing the Blower Door test. Using the most current technology, our Blower Door service is second to none along the Western Slope where we assist you in identifying and measuring air leakage throughout your entire home or commercial property!

How does a blower door test work?

  • Essentially, picture a nylon tarp housing a powerful fan that fits true to form in any doorway. To perform the test, we close all windows and doors (excepting where the blower is attached) and turn off HVAC systems.

  • The fan pulls air out of the home, creating a negative pressure atmosphere inside which in turn causes air from the exteriors higher pressure atmosphere to be pulled into the home through minute cracks throughout the home.

  • A gauge attached to the nylon of the blower door will take measure of the air rushing into your home and calculate the rate of air leakage, all in real time!

  • This information can then be used to address these unwanted gaps which will in turn lead to lower energy bills, ability to regulate your home’s temperature more evenly, and positively affect your indoor air quality.

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With the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), blower door testing is now a mandatory requirement on all new construction for residential homes in Colorado.

When do you perform a blower door test?

Blower door testing is typically performed at the end of construction, once the house is completely dried in, all penetrations sealed, and lighting trim kits installed. Basically, anything that would allow an unwanted air leak needs to be sealed.

Are Blower Door tests important?

A blower door test is a method to determine the amount of air leakage from a building and pinpoint leakage points. Getting a blower door test done in your home can help:

  • It Helps Save on Utility Costs

    An existing or new home may have many cracks and spaces where air can escape, and no amount of wall insulation can compensate for air leaks.

    Getting a Blower Door test by Elite Energy Concepts in Grand Junction will help identify leakage points. Once the cracks and spaces have been uncovered, your builder or another industry professional can fill the spaces to prevent future air leaks and save on utility costs.

  • It Raises the Value of Your Home

    We all love the word “Green” and by Sealing up any holes or cracks makes your home more energy-efficient and “green”. Once the air leakage issues are identifying and fixed, your home will increase in market value and have the curb appeal of “Green”.

  • It Prevents Rotting and Mold

    Air leakage into any home can cause humidity and the moist air can find its way into the hidden cracks and spaces throughout the home. With time, the moisture deposited may lead to rot and mod and can compromise the structure of your home.

    Fixing air leakages will prevent your walls from rotting and save you a lot of money on future structural repairs.

  • It Improves Air Quality in Your Home

    Car exhaust fumes, ozone, greenhouse gas, etc are all too abundant in our great outdoors, but why let that affect your indoor air quality?

    Blower Door test by Elite Energy Concepts in Grand Junction can identify these air leaks so you can prepare your home to prevent polluted outside air from coming in.n.

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