About Duct Leakage Tests

Similar to the Blower Door Test, testing the leakage of air ducts throughout the interior of your home can tell a lot about how efficient the home is, especially when it comes down to relative cost of energy and utility bills.

How does a duct leakage test work?

  • When performing a Duct Leakage Test, we will seal off all ducts that provide either supply or return registers for the home, and then seal our testing fan to either an air handler or a larger return duct.

  • Again, this fan will depressurize the atmosphere of the interior of the home which will force the higher pressure from the exterior to force more air through the ducts and into the home.

  • After we get our measurement, we will be able to calculate the amount of unwanted air that is circulating through your home, all in real time!

    Maximize your energy efficiency with air duct leakage testing!


Why do I need a duct leakage test?

Are you curious how well your home’s ducting system can hold air? The duct leakage test is here to find out just that. Elite Energy Concepts in Grand Junction can provide this type of testing on your home so you can save on utility cost and prevent energy loss throughout your home.

What happens if your ductwork is leaking?

Duct leakage is when conditioned air gets distributed from a AC unit or furnace and leaks through holes/cracks/seams in the ductwork before it reaches the desired rooms/spaces in a home or building. Did you know that 75% of buildings have duct leakage. Furthermore, the majority of homes leak on average 10-25% conditioned air! Source: ASHRAE

Homeowners and building owners in Mesa County don’t realize duct leakage causes common HVAC issues:

  • Hot/cold spots in rooms
  • Excessive dust, dirt, and airborne allergens

Are duct leakage tests worth the cost?

Short answer, yes. Having your HVAC ductwork tested and properly sealed is one of the home improvements with the highest payback for homeowners in Mesa County. It helps with aspects like maintaining heating and cooling HVAC efficiency, keeping indoor air free from pollutants, save money on energy bills and measure the effectiveness of your HVAC system.